About Us

Quick and reliable services, straightforward pricing.

Ok, so we're not claiming to be the #1 web host in the world. Quite frankly, given the vast number of web hosting companies that are popping up on the various hosting directories and search engines (most of whom are resellers of other companies), finding a "truly" reliable web host becomes almost a matter of "chance". So, no loud proclamations or "chest pounding" from us. All that we can honestly say is that we're aiming our sites on reaching as many people as possible, and those that will give us a chance to prove ourselves will not be disappointed. We focus on our core competencies….technology and customer support. At QuickHost, we're very happy to have some of the most talented people working for us. Not only have we attracted some of the "best and brightest" in network engineering, we've also got people from top notch service sector businesses to develop and maintain our customer service experience. We're very proud of the dedication of these people because we know that they are focused on our clients.

Our motto? Keep our knowledge level high, our margins low, and our customers happy. Pretty simple. We’ll work to gain ever more market share without compromising on quality.

Our partnerships

QuickHost utilizes the best products from the world’s leading technology manufacturers and service providers. We are ICAAN and CIRA certified for domain registrations, and work with leading companies such as Google, Plesk, Postini, EMC, Microsoft, and PayPal.

99.99% Uptime

No matter what the cause, your web site being down hurts your credibility, your sales, and your business. QuickHost uses its experience and expertise in hosting to deliver 99.99 % uptime, so your website is there when you need it.